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You can listen to these albums by clicking on the links.

Newer Gothic Bands that have renewed the gothic scene:

Mors Syphilitica

This group consists of husband and wife, Eric and Lisa Hammer, who were formerly members of the group Requiem in White. They are innovative and the most original gothic band since groups like Dead Can Dance and the Cocteau Twins. Their music is influenced by others however it is uniquely their own. They are both traditional gothic, ethereal, and medieval at different times. They also put on a great live show. It's like they came straight out of the mists and mystery of the drifting lands of Faerie. Eric Hammer is like Thomas the Rhymer and Lisa is like his Elfen Queen. I saw them perform live in San Francisco and they were well worth the extra effort to get there.


Feather & Fate


Louisa John Krol

Louisa John Krol makes beautiful ethereal music. She sounds somewhat like Kate Bush, Cocteau Twins, Harold Budd, Brian Eno, and Lorenna McKennitt. However, her music is uniquely her own. She has beautiful otherworldly vocals. She evokes the shift in consciousness that takes place to be able to cross into the shifting lands of faerie beyond the misty veil.

She is on the French Ethereal label Prikosnovenie. This label is said to be "Le label des musiques World-Féérique," the label of the world of Faery Music. You can visit her website here http://www.louisajohnkrol.com to purchase her albums and download mp3s.

Classic Gothic Ethereal Bands:

Dead Can Dance

Lisa Gerrard sings so beautifully she is like a Lady of Faery. Their music conjures up images of distant times and exotic places. Lisa also has solo albums, The Mirror Pool and Duality. Click above to see a listing of their albums and listen to them.


Cocteau Twins

Their earlier work has a very mystical feel about it. They were pioneers in the field of ethereal music. Many of their earlier albums are on the 4AD label. Click above to see a listing of their major works and listen to them.



This is a band on the Nettwerk label in Canada that has been very innovative in making electronic music. Their albums like Semantic Spaces, Karma, and Poem are very dreamy and mystical sounding. I highly recommend these three afore mentioned albums.They transport the listener to another world of beauty and sound. Click above to see a listing of their work and listen to it. Their newest work has strayed from this style, becoming more like pop music. It has lost some of its originality in doing this, so be careful which albums you purchase.


Mephisto Waltz

This band was formed by Bari-Bari (Barry Galvin), formerly of Christian Death fame. Many of the musicians who have played with them on and off had also played in the old Christian Death. This has the classic sound of Christian Death guitar work with a more ethereal dreamy feel to it. They sing many songs about spirits and elementals. They also put the great poems to music.

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