Artistic Movements



  Sandro Botticelli


  Sir Edward Burne-Jones

  John Atkinson Grimshaw

  Edward Robert Hughes


  Arnold Böcklin

  Richard Dadd 


  Edmund Dulac

  Cicely Mary Barker

  Ida Rentoul Outhwaite


  Brian Froud

  Pamela Williams

  Patricia Nelson

  Amy Brown

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Mystical Flower of Creation, Patricia Nelson Creations
Mystical Flower of Creation, 1999, Patricia Nelson

Experience the beauty, magic, and wonder of faery and fantasy art. This art can help to transport you to the altered reality of the faerie realm. Come and feast your eyes on these mystical creations. Let the art touch your soul and let the spiritual journey begin. Choose your path to enlightenment to the left.

Field of Dreams
Field of Dreams
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