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~ Updates and New Additions ~

Faery Poetry (Opened 10/4/2002)

The faery poetry section has been completely redesigned. Many new poets have been added such as Alfred Lord Tennyson, P.B. Shelly, and John Keats. More poems by William Bulter Yeats have also been added. A booklist of faery poetry has now been included in this section..

Richard Dadd Gallery (Opened 8/14/2000)

View the  incredible works of one of the greatest Victorian faery painters and learn about his unusual life. His works are truly like no other. His two masterpieces were painted while he was confined to a mental hospital due to schizophrenia. His attention to detail is unparalleled.

Celtic Faery Music  (Revised 8/10/2000) More traditional Celtic music has been added, including Shelley Phillips and Ruth Barrett.

Classical Faery Music (Revised 8/10/2000) Henry Purcell, and More Gluck has been added!

Edmund Dulac Gallery (Opened 5/7/2000)

View the  mythological works of one of the greatest victorian faery illustrators of children's fairy tales.

Classical Faery Music (Opened 4/29/2000)

Celtic Faery Music  (Opened 4/29/2000)

Arnold Böcklin Gallery   (Opened 4/20/2000)

Come and view the mythological works of this extraordinary artist. Read and learn about the paintings and the beings depicted.


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