Faery Tales of the Hawaiian Islands

    Hawaii is said to be populated by a tiny magical race of beings called the Menehunes. They were believed to have actually been the first inhabitants of Hawaii. All the beautiful trees and plants of Hawaii were said to have been planted by the Menehunes. They are very jolly little creatures and take pleasure in doing good things that help the people and islands of Hawaii. The native peoples of Hawaii were said to have been fed and nurtured, when they first arrived there from Tahiti, by these little people. The native people of Hawaii say that the Menehunes have taught them many things. These little people use seagulls to fly around the island of Hawaii. They ride around on their backs. The next time you see a seagull he may have a Menehune on his back! See if his feathers are ruffled. The Menehunes wear tiny horns around their necks. They use these to call the seagulls if there is ever any trouble. There are many stories and descriptions of these little people and their adventures.

    One belief is that the Menehunes are very shy and do most of their good deeds during the night when they can't be seen. They also will only allow very special people to see them. A Menehune must give you a special juice which will allow you to see him or her. Either this or you must be a descendant of these little people and have some of their blood to be able to see them. However, many people have been said to have heard the hum of their voices.


    They are also said to be protectors of Hawaii and its inhabitants. A long time ago a huge wave was coming towards Hawaii and the King of the Menehunes saw it and began to blow on his horn. The Menehunes came running from all over the island and formed a line by holding hands. The Menehunes are powerful little magical creatures and this terrified the wave so he broke up and became the Kaneohe Bay.
    The people of Hawaii don't have to worry about sharks either because the Menehunes protect them from these ferocious creatures. The Menehunes patrol the islands on the backs of seagulls looking for sharks. When a shark gets too close to the islands a Menehune who spots him will blow his little horn and Menehunes from all over the islands will get into their tiny canoes and paddle out to where the shark is. They will beat him with their paddles until he takes off. Most creatures know better than to challenge the powers of the magical little Menehunes.


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