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Edmund Du Lac, illustration from Beauty and the Beast



Tam Lin Pages

These pages explore the mysterious ballad of Tam Lin, the man who was held captive in faeryland and saved by a brave young woman. It also explores similar ballads such as Thomas the Rhymer.

Pook's Hill

These pages explore Puck, the famous trickster faery in Shakespeare's a Midsummer Night's Dream. It describes the ancient history of this mischievous creature.

The Princess of the Bird People

These pages explore tales from around the world. This tale in particular is from Thailand.

Modern Faery Tale Authors

Charles De Lint

This is Charles De Lint's official home page. This is a page where you can learn about all the works he's written. You can also find information about his forthcoming publications. There is also a calendar of appearances.

Tamson House

This is a page run by fans of Charles De Lint's books. It has some interesting resources and suggestions for reading, movies, and music that fans of De Lint might be interested in.

Ellen Kushner Web Page

Terri Windling's Page at Endicott Studios.


Charles Vess' Green Man Press

Gilbert Williams

Fairy Tale Art

Fairy Art Collections


Mythic Photos

There are many faery related photos on these pages.

The Renaissance Man: Paintings

Dr. Nidorf paints visionary type artwork.

Woodland Sprites Fantasy Sculptures

Dorreen makes beautiful scuptures of faeries and mermaids.

CelticMoon's Playroom

This site contains original fantasy related artwork by Nancy Timpanelli.


Articles on Elementals and Devas

Spirit Web Site on Elementals and Devas

This site explains the basic information concerning elementals and devas.

Angels of the Botanic Gardens of Melbourne, Australia

This site explains the authors visions of the angels and devas of the Botanic Gardens in Melbourne, Australia.

Mystical Communities

Occult World Ledger

This site is a huge index of all occult related topics.

Astral Hearts Metaphysical Personals and Classifieds

This site provides personals and classified ads for metaphysically minded people.

Anna Franklin: Pagan Author

This sitehas a great deal of information on fairies and other pagan topics.

Faerie Lore & Tales

The Fairy Garden

Mything Links - Nature Spirits


Indexes and Search Engines

Mythology on the Web

Many mythological topics are categorized by country and topic. 

The Spirit Search Directory
The Spiritual, Metaphysical and Paranormal Directory for the Age of Enlightenment. Helping you learn to trust your Heart

Attract your soul mate, discover your life purpose, embrace your intuition, truly love yourself, find inner peace, manifest a joyful future, nurture your body, and improve your relationships.

The Wicca Start Page

This page has everything you need to know if you are interested in wicca, a nature religion.

Hidden Path - Occult Search Engine

The Zodiac Wizard
Get complex astrological readings.


Faery Market


The Faerie Gathering : Lisa Steinke

This site catalogues Lisa's faery art.


Period Events and Entertainments Re-creation Society

This site catalogues events involving historical and fantasy creations. It also provides many links to costuming and other historical and mythical sites.


You can buy wonderful fantasy related gifts such as mugs, clocks, cards, buttons, and more at this site. is dedicated to lightening hearts and spirits by bringing fairy magic into the world. Do you believe in fairies? We do.

Castle Books

They have a selection of mythology, fairy tale, and fantasy books.


Louisa John Krol.
Loisa John Krol makes ethereal music.


A Fairy World


Tir Nan Og



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